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Best Numerologist & Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Best Numerologist & Vastu Consultant in India – Abhi Kumr

Abhi Kumr is the founder of DivineGyaan, also known as a professional and highly qualified prominent Vastu consultant based in Delhi. He is also a known Author, Entrepreneur, Vastu Consultant, and numerologist.

He himself has put a lot of effort into managing his financial stability and career aspects. He is very prominent towards his goals, and his hard work has reshaped his life. With the help of his own knowledge, he transformed his life and also helped hundreds of people change their living conditions through Numerology.

Now he is on a mission to coach people about Numerology so that they can work on their weaknesses, rediscover themselves, and can make effective use of this science.

With his own experience, he started researching, learning, and observing the different buildings from the view of Vastu. He found that people who moved to houses balanced as per the rules of Vastu were happier and prospered in life, whereas people who moved to a house with Vastu defects started to suffer. Since then, he is practicing, researching, and still learning about this ancient science.

Vastu Consultation

Telephonic Consultation

  • Complete Vastu Consultation for Your Home, Office, Factories, Industries, Hotel, and Institutions or any Property (Any One)
  • Get Complete Vastu Remedies Report
  • Online Consultation.
  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • We give more value for your money.
  • Lay Out Plan to be given by Client

Site Visit

  • Complete Vastu Consultation for Your Home, Office, Factories, Industries, Hotel and, Institutions or any Property (Any One)
  • Site Visit personally by Mr. Abhi Kumr
  • Get Complete Vastu Remedies Report
  • No expensive remedies.
  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • We give more value for your money.

Site Visit Outside Delhi NCR.

  • Complete Vastu Consultation for Your Home, Office, Factories, Industries, Hotel and, Institutions or any Property (Any One)
  • Get Complete Vastu Remedies Report
  • Site Visit personally by Mr. Abhi Kumr
  • No expensive remedies.
  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • We give more value for your money.
  • Travel & Accommodation Cost is not included in Fees.

Overseas Consultation

  • (Presently Available for Dubai- Singapore-Thailand) other countries, contact our customer support number.
  • Complete Vastu Consultation for Your Home, Office, Factories, Industries, Hotel and, Institutions or any Property (Any One)
  • Get Complete Vastu Remedies Report
  • Site Visit personally by Mr. Abhi Kumr
  • No expensive remedies.
  • Give proper support after consultation.
  • We give more value for your money.

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We do Vastu for: Home, Office, Positive Energy, Bedroom, Pooja Room, School, Farm House, Factory, Hotel, etc.

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Vastu Services

Vastu Dosh Remedies for Home!

In Vastu Shastra, the placement of mirrors around the home is extremely important. The two primary Vastu dosh treatments for mirrors are to avoid placing them opposite the entryway and to avoid placing them in front of the bed.

Furniture confusion can contribute to the passage of negative energy, according to Vastu Shastra As a result, arrange your furniture in the shape of a circle or an octagon as a solution.

When someone walks into your home, they should see an image of the God you worship. It’s preferable to hang an image of the deity on the first wall the visitor sees. It’s possible that this is the wall directly in front of the entrance door. Leaving that space unoccupied might lead to financial difficulties in your household.

Most people think of wind chimes as just decorative things. They may, however, bring great energy into your home if they are positioned appropriately. People who are having Vastu dosh issues should get a wind chime and place it at the front door. To achieve perfect harmony, the wind chime you purchase should contain six or eight rods.

Crystal balls are considered fortunate when put inside a home or workplace, according to Vastu Shastra. They’re also incredibly beautiful because they’re made of quartz! The significance of these crystal balls is that they absorb negative energy and keep your home free of bad luck. A pink crystal ball is excellent for good relationships, an orange crystal ball is good for good money, and a red crystal ball is good for good luck.

Vastu Dosh Remedies for office!

Main Entrance It is considered that the office’s main entrance should be clear of any obstructions and should not be congested at all. The atmosphere should be bright and fragrant. A pillar or a tree may be present at the front entry in some situations. To eliminate the Vastu dosh from your workspace, put two copper swastika pyramids in front of the obstacles.

Negativity or bad vibes in the office Sometimes, we become unhappy and experience terrible vibes resulting from individuals or the unpleasant environment in the office. It is a dangerous condition since it can impact employees’ productivity, mood, and attention. One Vastu Shastra remedy for such an office environment is to hang a Sun painting in the workplace’s east direction to weed out the negativity.

The Pantry or Kitchen may feature certain faults, such as the stove and sink being too close together. The gas or stove should not be installed in the northeast corner of the kitchen, and the sink should not be installed in the south-east corner. Vastu Shastra corrects these flaws in the workplace by putting a Copper Swastika (behind the gas/stove) and a Shriparni wood pyramid (close to sink).

Most people think of wind chimes as just decorative things. They may, however, bring great energy into your home if they are positioned appropriately. People who are having Vastu dosh issues should get a wind chime and place it at the front door. To achieve perfect harmony, the wind chime you purchase should contain six or eight rods.

In addition to the placement of various rooms and locations in the workplace, employees working in the same department should sit in the proper directions. Accounting staff, for example, should sit so that they face north east.

Fortunate vs Unfortunate Properties

  • Having plots that are 90 degrees and directed.
  • From the southwest corner, the floor slopes towards the northeast corner.
  • Having good plots with a street focus.
  • Extension location in the Northeast
  • Water flow parameters in the Northeast.
  • Skewed plots are helpful to have a happy life.
  • The oval shape.
  • Sites that form a triangle
  • Unshaped properties with a northeast corner that is chopped or truncated.
  • Plots with a circular form or sites with a circular form.
  • Sites that are polygonal.
  • When buying or building, should avoid insufficient street focus or road thrust properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Vastu Shastra is universally applicable, and all Vastu regulations stay the same.

No, it is not. Vastu shastra is a secular science that impacts individuals of all religions, castes, creeds, and colors.

To live in a fortunate location so that you can benefit from favorable energy while avoiding bad ones.

Yes, it is correct. Vastu will function – or affect – men and women (in the same house) in various ways since they have distinct energies.

Anything that elicits happy feelings is beneficial. There are no pictures of war, sobbing girls, loneliness, suffering, or such things. Something uplifting, such as a nice family photo or a calm scene, should be hung.

Happy Customers

Benefits of Consultation

  • At Divinegyaan you can take the advantage of Vastu & numerology services under one roof that provides comprehensive Vastu solutions such as House Vastu, Commercial & Office Vastu, and Factory Vastu. With a desire to make a difference in people’s lives, we’ve established ourselves as a respected authority in our field.
  • He is a Vastu Expert and a researcher in the field of interior design and Vastu planning. Mr Abhi Kumr is an expert at activating and balancing energy in businesses, homes, and commercial complexes while avoiding structural alterations. We provide various real estate projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and other types of projects. From paper to pocket, our staff assures 100% client pleasure.
  • Mr Abhi Kumr has a unique capacity to identify efficient answers for her customers’ most challenging problems thanks to her extensive understanding of Vastu and intuitive abilities. Her incredible intuition and ability to immediately analyze a location’s energies allow her to create the most delicate and lucrative situations in homes, workplaces, land sites, hotels, and restaurants. Therefore, my Vastu has become a household name in modern Vastu consulting, drastically changing people’s perceptions about Vastu.
  • Best Vastu Services in Delhi NCR Suppose you want to solve all of your life’s problems, cancel any negativity around you, or run a business in a positive and healthy environment. In that case, Vastu consultant of Divinegyaan is the ideal choice for you, according to Vastu consultant in Delhi & NCR India. Abhi Kumr, a notable Vastu consultant, is one of the most skilled, certified, and informed Vastu consultants.
  • Personal Site Visit Site Vastu consultation is a type of service or consultancy that we provide to our local clients based on mutual communication. The expert / Vastu consultant visits the client’s plot, house, or property to discuss or assess the site for construction or existing property in this type of consultation.
  • The Vastu Expert will provide relevant facts regarding the site, plot, soil, and other factors during the Site Vastu consultation, thoroughly scrutinized and examined. Site visit fees apply to all types of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, schools, corporations, houses, and offices. This site visit consulting analysis is primarily applicable to residential and commercial properties and other large-area properties like hotels, restaurants, and industries, where Vastu visit rates are based on the property’s size and dimensions.
  • Benefits of Onsite Consultations Onsite consultations are just for owners and architects who want to talk in-depth about their plot and problems in order to make the most out of it. Site consulting primarily entails a site visit, analysis of typography, soil testing, and examination of directions and environment.